Published July 2017 | 448 pages | ISBN 978-1548163778

From the bloodiest war zones of Africa to the shadiest hotels of Hollywood, ex-mercenary turned paparazzo Drew Cairns has seen some stuff. Drew—known to the gossip-hungry masses as SwarmLord—commands a unique technology that lets him see through walls and listen beyond doors. That means he can afford child support for his estranged teenage daughter, but his is not a life he could ever share with her. But when Drew is unmasked and accused of stalking and kidnapping mega-celebrity Skylie Reynolds, he knows he has some explaining to do. His daughter grew up watching Skylie on Gnatz!, one of the most popular kids’ sitcoms of all time, and she must be just as outraged as the rest of the world.

On the run, Drew tells his side of the story, battling not only PTSD and his addled memory, but the fact that, while SwarmLord is not a kidnapper, he’s not exactly innocent, either.