Book Two of the Vanilla Cycle

Published May 2015 | 590 pages | ISBN 978-1511545181

On his way to Earth to testify before the UN about the Angel-37 tragedy, Matthew Valdosky begins to have vivid lucid dreams. At first they’re a welcome diversion during this critical moment for the Valdosky Companies. But, night after night, as the dreams revisit the same themes, Matthew begins to wonder if his subconscious is trying to tell him something.

Should he follow through with his plan to resign as CEO? Was the disaster on the asteroid colony truly an accident? And what about the strange death of Teague Werres? Was it really a drug overdose? Matthew knows that just asking these questions might put him in danger, but he has to—because there are things Teague might have discovered that no one can ever know. Once on Earth, Matthew sneaks away to look for the one person—so to speak—who might have some answers: Monkey, Teague’s robotic ring-tailed lemur, whereabouts unknown.

As Matthew unravels the truth about Teague’s final days, secrets from the past and revelations about the future begin to collide. And although that collision may destroy the foundations of modern society, Matthew might have to let it happen. Not only to prepare humanity for an even greater threat—but to redeem himself.