MY Books

Trash: A Love Story (2018)

My latest release is a modern-day fairy tale that touches on an issue near and dear to my heart.

Gnatz! (2017)

“The Sci-Fi is enticing for its near-future feel; you could see this all happening in five or ten years time. I heartily recommend!”

—Amazon reviewer

Belief: Book Two of the Vanilla Cycle (2015)

“M.H. Van Keuren has a talent for developing interesting characters.”

—Goodreads reviewer

Legitimacy: Book One of the Vanilla Cycle (2013)

“I really wish Mr. Van Keuren all the success in the world because I really want to read more of his stuff.” 

—Amazon reviewer

Rhubarb (2012)

“What a romp! Well written, campy, pugnacious, and just a little bit outrageous.”

—Amazon reviewer

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